Mar 22, 2008

Corporate News - Infotech Enterprises - Press Release - 22nd March 2008

Infotech Enterprises - Press Release

Infotech Enterprises Ltd on March 17, 2008 has announced that it has signed a new mufti-year contract with digital map leader Tale Atlas to provide extensive map database and software development services. The agreement builds on a relationship that started in 1994 and reflects Tele Atlas' continued confidence in Infotech's abilities to deliver high-quality database and software services and solutions.

Mr. B V R Mohan Reddy, Chairman and Managing Director, the Company said that "In early 2005, Infotech Enterprises Ltd acquired Tele Atlas' Indian operations situated at Noida, near Delhi. Tele Atlas also entered into a services agreement with Infotech, whereby Infotech provided map database and software development services. This new engagement strengthens and reinforces the successful, long-term relationship Infotech has enjoyed with Tele Atlas. The digital mapping marketplace is highly competitive and Infotech has been providing Tele Atlas with fast and efficient processing of data with high quality. We believe that we are providing tremendous value to Tale Atlas with our domain knowledge in digital road map making."

Under the renewed agreement, Infotech will continue to deploy several hundred data conversion specialists to work on various projects for Tele Atlas. The new contract is designed to help lay a solid foundation for a process-driven relationship and focus on database and engineering innovation.

Mr. John Renard, President of Infotech's UTO Vertical said, "Infotech is pleased to play an important role in assisting Tale Atlas to consolidate its map database production globally by building additional competencies and increased capacities in mapping technology and data processes. Through our relationship, we have gained market expertise as well that helps ensure our leadership in production efficiency. We are very excited about this opportunity and look forward to strengthening our relationship with Tele Atlas."

Through the agreement, Infotech's highly-skilled professional database teams assist in the production of Tele Atlas' digital map database, entering in verified map data information gathered by Tele Atlas' global resource network, which includes data collected from Tele Atlas' global fleet of Mobile Mapping Vans.