Mar 14, 2008

Mutual funds- Upcoming Dividends- 14th March 2008

Birla Sun Life Mutual Announces Dividends

Birla Sun Life Mutual has announced dividends under the following schemes:

Scheme Dividend (%) Birla Sun Life Income-DH 6.2 Birla Sun Life Income-DQ 3.0 Birla Sun Life GSF ST-DQ 1.0 Birla Sun Life GSF LT-DH 1.1 Birla Gilt Plus Liquid-DQ 2.2 Birla Gilt Plus Liquid-DY 6.5 Birla Gilt Plus PF-DQ 3.0 Birla Gilt Plus PF-DY 15.0 Birla Gilt Plus Regular-DQ 3.0 Birla Gilt Plus Regular-DY 25.0 Birla Bond Index-DQ 1.6 Birla Income Plus-DQ 3.0 The record date for the above would be March 17, 2008.

DSP ML MF declares dividend

The DSP ML Financial mutual fund has announced the declaration of dividend under dividend under the dividend reinvestment option of the regular and institutional plan of DSP ML Fixed Maturity Plan -3 Months Series 2. The record date for dividend will be 16 March 2008. The quantum of dividend is Rs. 0.219500 per unit on the face value of Rs. 10 under regular plan and Rs 0.221900 per unit for institutional plan. The NAV of the scheme was recorded at Rs 10.2084 under regular plan and Rs 10.2107 under institutional plan as on 12 March 2008.