Apr 4, 2008

L&T files over 100 patents for electrical & electronic products

The Electrical & Electronics Division (FBG) of Larsen & Toubro highlighted its dynamic approach to product innovation, filing over a hundred patent applications on its range of electrical and electronics products for 2007-08. It achieved a significant landmark of filing 101 patent applications across the division with 65 patents accounting for switchgear products followed by 20 patents for medical products, 10 for energy meters and 6 for petroleum dispensing pumps. In addition, EBG has applied for 32 design registrations and 11 trademarks during the year.

The total number of patent applications, filed by EBG, now stands at 345. Out of this, switchgear products have been the major contributors with 234 filings while medical products contributed 58 patent applications. Similarly, till now EBG has to its credit 346 design registration filings and 105 trademark filings.

For some of its newer products with export potential, EBG has been filing patents overseas as well. For one of its exported switchgear products, the U-POWER ACB, EBG has filed 7 overseas patents which include a US patent grant titled design system of secondary isolating contacts in circuit breakers' and a Chinese patent grant titled a novel design of rail driving mechanism for draw-out circuit breaker'. Three patents have also been filed in China for protection relays.

For its latest export version of medical products, EBG has filed 3 patents in the USA. EBG's IPM cell proactively scans the universe for emerging technology trends and patent search for potential infringements before a patent is filed and gives its report to technologists and design engineers. This proactive approach ensures that none of EBG's products infringe on any competitors' products unknowingly. Once a patent is filed by EBG, the IPM Cell also constantly searches for similar patents being filed by competitors to ensure that nobody infringes or copies its products or features.

The company made this announcement during the trading hours today, 03 April 2008.