Apr 10, 2008

LIC MF launches another new FMP

LIC MF launches another new FMP

Name of Fund: LIC Mutual Fund Fixed Maturity Plan Series 36

Scheme: It is a close-ended income scheme.

Plans: It will mature after 14 months, which is called 14 months plan.

Objective: The scheme aims to minimize interest rate risk by investing in a portfolio of fixed income securities normally maturing in line with the time profile of the scheme.

Asset Allocation: Under 14 months plan the fund would invest up to 100% in debt instruments having residual maturity of 14 months. It can also invest up to 100% in money market instruments. Investment in debt instruments includes securitised debt up to 100%. The total exposure in the derivative will not be more than 50% of the net asset of the scheme.

Fund Opens: 15 April 2008

Fund Closes: 21 April 2008

Face Value: Rs. 10

Investment Options: The scheme provides dividend and growth option. Under dividend option investors can choose either dividend reinvestment or dividend payout.

Minimum Investment Amount: The minimum investment is of Rs.10,000 and in multiple of Rs. 1000 thereafter.

Fund manager: Mr Ashish Kumar