Apr 4, 2008

Moving towards a global future for BPO

The $50-billion opportunity for the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry that the NASSCOM-Everest study has revealed shows that India has established a fairly substantial lead over competing countries with a market share of 37 per cent ahead of Canada at 27 per cent and Philippines at 15 per cent. A clutch of other competing countries that include Ireland, Mexico and China have single digit market shares. More than 70 per cent of the revenues come predictably from the banking and insurance, manufacturing and telecommunication sectors with industry players having established both industry or domain specific capabilities and the ability to transition widely-used processes to offshore destinations. The argument made in the study is that it will need a focus on new markets, new services and new ways of delivering the service for the growth rate to be accelerated to close to 50 percent which is needed to get close to the $50-billion dream.