May 6, 2008

Lotus India MF files offer document with Sebi

30 Apr 2008 | 11:56 Lotus India MF files offer document with Sebi
Name of Fund: Lotus India Fixed Maturity Plan 1 Month Series IX to XI

Scheme: It is a close-ended debt scheme.

Objective: The investment objective of the scheme is to seek to generate income by investing in a portfolio of debt and money market instruments normally maturing in line with the duration of the scheme.

Investment Options: Investors will have a choice of two options viz. growth option and dividend re-investment facility.Tenure of the schemes: 30 days from the date of allotment of the Scheme (including thedate of allotment).

Asset Allocation: The scheme will invest 0-85% in money market instruments including reverse repo. 0-50% in Government Securities issued by the Central Government and/or State Government (s). 15-100% in debt instruments such as bonds and debentures. 0-50% in securitized debt.

Investment in fixed income Derivatives Upto 50% of the net asset of the scheme. None of the schemes intend to invest in foreign securitised debt.

Face Value: Rs 10

Load structure: Entry load: Nil

Exit load: 0.25% if redeemed before maturity. Nil if redeemed on maturity.

Application Amount: The minimum application amount will be Rs.5,000 and in multiples of Re.1 thereafter.

Target Amount: Minimum target amount Rs. 1 crore.

Benchmark: Crisil Liquid Fund Index.

Fund Manager: Mr. Umesh Sharma.

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