Apr 15, 2008

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund debuts at Rs 9.98

15 Apr 2008 | 16:59

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund debuts at Rs 9.98

Mirae Asset Mutual Fund's Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund, whose initial public offering closed on 11 March 2008, has debuted at Rs 9.98 per unit as against a face value of Rs 10 per unit on 9 April 2008.

Mirae Asset India Opportunities Fund is an open-ended equity oriented fund with an investment objective to generate long-term capital appreciation by capitalizing on potential opportunities through predominantly investing in equities and equity related securities.

The scheme aims to maximize the long term capital appreciation by finding good investment opportunities resulting from Indian economic growth and its structural shifts through investing in equities, equities related securities with risk mitigating and controlling measures. The scheme will invest 65%-100% Indian equities and equity related securities and 0-30% in money market instruments and debt securities investments.