Sep 15, 2008

About Iwebs- Web Publishing Platform

Welcome. Iwebs ( Investorline Web's Blogging product). Iwebs is a web-publishing platform with a keen focus on ease of use, web standards, and handy tools. Iwebs is free for anyone who wish to express his/her thoughts online. We launched it so as to promote the culture of blogging in India. Its design is completely based on world's best online publishing platform - Wordpress (version 2.6) for which countless developers and contributors developed tools and plugins and added something unique to the mix. Its just a first try to develop such software in India and we will try to make it much better every day. Hope WP experience will help here.

Iwebs came with the bundled pack of 15 WP-Plugins as a standard installation. If other developers also want to include thier plugins then they may contact us -

Download here -

Standard Plugins Pack
* Add to any
* Extended admin Management
* Akismet
* Cforms
* Feedburner
* Google Analytics
* Header-Footer
* Tagging
* Series
* Post Layout
* Similar Posts
* Tell a Friend
* Add This
* All in One SEO Pack

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