Sep 14, 2008

Fidelity MF floats Fidelity FMP-Series I-Plan B

01 Sep 2008 | 11:55

Fidelity MF floats Fidelity FMP-Series I-Plan B

Fidelity International's Indian AMC announced the launch of Fidelity
Fixed Maturity Plan- Series I- Plan B, a close-ended debt scheme that
aims to generate reasonable returns and reduce interest rate volatility
primarily through investment in money market and short-term debt

NFO for the fund will be open from 3 September to 10 September 2008 and
thereafter it will reopen for redemptions from 17 September 2008. The
term of a plan would be 370 days from the date of allotment.

scheme will invest up to 100% of its portfolio in money market
instruments including repo and CBLO. It may invest 0-100% in corporate
bonds, government securities and debt securities. Plan may invest in
securitised debt up to 100% of its net assets.

The Fidelity
FMP-Series I-Plan B will offer retail and institutional plans with
growth and dividend options. Any dividend declared under the dividend
option will be compulsorily paid out. The minimum investment amount
under retail plan is Rs. 5000 and institutional plan the minimum
application amount is Rs 1 crore.

There will be no entry load during NFO period.

The scheme will charge an exit load of 2.00% if redemption is done before maturity of the plan.

Crisil Short Term Bond Fund Index will be as benchmark index. Mr. Prashant Pimple will manage the scheme.

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