Jan 23, 2013

Important Message: Are you using a valid Cheque Book? – Axis Bank

How to identify if your cheques are CTS 2010 compliant?

As per the guidelines issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), cheques issued by any bank needs to be compliant with Cheque Truncation System (CTS) 2010 standards. Please note that Non-CTS cheques would not be used post 31st March 2013.
We are glad to inform you that Axis Bank has started issuance of CTS 2010 cheque book post August 2011. In case you hold cheques issued prior to August 2011, we request you to immediately have them replaced with CTS 2010 compliant cheques.
Retail Loan Customers: Customers who have issued post dated cheques that are due after 31st March 2013, are requested to visit the nearest Loan Centre and have them replaced with CTS 2010 compliant cheques. You may also opt for Electronic Clearing Service (ECS) (applicable ONLY to locations with ECS Clearing) OR open a new Savings Account with Axis Bank and issue standing instructions.

How does this benefit you?


  • Faster Clearing: CTS 2010 will eliminate the physical movement of cheques for clearing by transmitting the electronic images of the cheques, ensuring more efficient, secure and quicker processing of your cheques.
  • Security: The new security features in CTS 2010 cheques make it easy for the banks to confirm the genuineness of the cheques presented for clearing.
  • Safety against frauds: The enhanced security features of the new cheque format would act as a deterrent against frauds in your accounts.

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